Justin Williams - The Ace

Justin Williams - The Ace

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5'5"

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Lasagna

Favorite Author: Edgar Alan Poe

Favorite Movie: Return of the Jedi

Best Concert Experience: Day in the Garden 1996

Most afraid of: never thought about it

Vices: too many to list

Gear: ESP LTD M-100, Line6 150 HD

Favorite Quote: “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” - Winston Churchill

Kraevin Caedo - The Siren

Kraevin Caedo - The Siren

Star Sign:  Aquarius 

Height:  5'4"

Eye Color:   Brown

Hair Color:  Black/Red

Favorite Color:   Red

Favorite Food:  Mexican

Favorite Author:  Terry Goodkind, Diana Gabaldon

Favorite Movie: Star Wars (original trilogy) and Lord of the Rings Trilogy 

Best concert experience:  Aerosmith

Most afraid of:  betrayal

Vices:  gummy bears, chocolate

Gear:  Sennheiser mics

Previous projects: Shades of Silver, Proskuneo

Favorite Quote: "Dance like there's no one watching, 
Love as if your heart has never been broken, 
Sing like no one can hear you, 
And live like there is no tomorrow!" ~unknown

Frank Williams - The Wizard

Frank Williams - The Wizard

Star Sign:  Aries  

Height:  6'0"

Eye Color:  Brown/honey

Hair Color:  Brown/dark

Favorite Color:  Black

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite Author:  Dr. Seuss

Favorite Movie:  Braveheart

Best concert experience:  Crowd singing our lyrics

Most afraid of: dying  

Vices:  addicted to nature

Gear:  Schecter guitars, Mesa cabs

Previous projects: Dropzone, In Vein, Dying Inside, Ruin

Favorite Quote: "Don't just practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; for that and knowledge raise men to divinity" - Ludwig Van Beethoven

Astrum Lux Lucis - Commander F.C.

Astrum Lux Lucis - Commander F.C.

Stan Petraitis - Stanimal

Stan Petraitis - Stanimal